It’s Christmas Eve! All I asked for Christmas from my boyfriend was the gold anklet I so badly wanted. I had just finished decorating the tree when he got home. I was so excited to see what he got me and couldn't wait any longer so I told him let's start with opening my present. He made me close my eyes and I felt him putting something on my ankle. Yes! It was exactly what I wanted! And it looks so sexy on my ankle especially with my black nail polish. It makes my feet look even hotter! He certainly thought so because as I wiggled and dangled my pretty feet with this beautiful anklet on, he started to caress my feet and slowly suck on my toes. I gave him the best footjob he ever had. I knew if I did, he'll fuck me so good afterward and give me the best orgasm, fucking me hard while sucking on my feet at the same time. Ahh this is one of the best Christmas’ ever!

December 21, 2018




Best scene yet!