Men will always look for ways to meet their needs. Skylar Snow warmly welcomes Vincent Karter into her house. After greeting each other enthusiastically, the bearded hunk begins to talk about his miserable relationship and decides it's best to file for divorce, shocking his brunette friend. Hearing the news, Skylar offers to help spice up his relationship again by giving him something that will fulfill his sexual desires. The naughty bombshell with an exquisite body moves teasingly towards the hot stud before unbuttoning her leopard print top, revealing her black lacy bra. Vincent can't help but feel horny with the busty babe's soft caresses along his crotch area, pushing him to give in to the lust coursing through his body. Entitled to save her friend's marriage, Skylar unclasps her bra, exposing her taut nipples, before smothering her lover’s face with her big and soft tits. The fine man instantly laps on the sexy vixen's pink nipples, making arousing moans fall out of her lips. While doing so, she pulls out Vincent's hardened cock and proceeds to give him a sensual handjob as he lubricates her big tan lined boobs with his saliva. After receiving the most erotic tit-worship, Skylar continues to satisfy the horny man by delivering a pleasurable titjob, blowjob, and rimjob. The huge tit goddess receives a pussy licking in return, spreading her legs wide in an inviting manner. With lust glimmering in their eyes, the two begin to fuck in missionary, making her hefty melons bounce with every thrust. Vincent pulls out, letting the busty diva give him another round of titjob. Skylar proceeds to fuck him in cowgirl before they switch to doggystyle and reverse cowgirl. The needy gent continues to pound into her shaved pussy, making her melons bounce vigorously and forgetting all about his marital problems. Close to cumming, he pulls out and strokes his cock until he cums all over Skylar’s huge juggs.

May 21, 2024




Wow! Skylar, what a luciuos one. Always love her action. Once had a gf with a similar face/nose - great scene, great slut! :)


Yo Andrew I know Im bothering you alot by commenting but its just that since you said you booked Andi Avalon Im very excited and have a few suggestion for the scene first black nail polish its like her signature polish second make it a teacher student mmf roleplay and lastly feet jewellery I guess other members are also asking for black polish and jewellery so why not. Please consider it I wont bother you again with this I will leave it to you. Just tell me if the suggestions are possible. Thank you.

Andrew Youngman

I'll see what I can do


we need skylars feet!


We need her back ASAP for LoverHerFeet!


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