I have a lifestyle vlogging channel which will hit 10 million followers on its first year anniversary. I wanted to give something special to my fans for this occasion since I appreciate them so very much. Many of them are members solely for my barefoot workout videos. They love my feet...they say they love my arch and my heavenly toes. They’ve asked me quite a few times if I could have a guy come in at the end of the video and massage my feet. My sweet soles are definitely pretty sore after my workout. So, at the end of today's live session I had my friend Jake walk in to give me a foot massage. He started massaging my feet...starting from the heel, then increasing pressure moving up to the arch, and finally to my soft soles. I was lost in a daze it was so good I noticed after a few minutes I started getting wet. He was lifting my feet closer and closer to his mouth and I just couldn't wait for him to start sucking on my toes. By the time he finally did, my panties were soaking wet. Of course as soon as I saw his boner I couldn’t wait to put his dick in my mouth, gag on it, and make it sloppy wet for a smooth footjob. I wrapped my toes around it and jerked his cock with my pretty pink pedicured toes. Then I made him eat my hungry pussy before he slid his big hard cock in my slutty juicy hole. I came all over his cock so many times before he finally busted his big load all over my sexy feet. At the end, being in the heat of the moment, I realized I left the live feed on and my fans saw everything. Though I panicked at first, I saw my following rocket to another two million. So I happily relaxed and enjoyed looking at his cum dripping from my feet.

June 28, 2019




Bring this hot bitch back!!!!


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