Sexy ebony chic, Kira Noir, goes to a local club to watch her favorite band play. While sitting alone at her table, Kira notices the beautiful tattooed hottie, Maddy May. The captivating babe in a sexy yellow outfit and high heels can't help but admire Maddy's sexy feet and ankle tattoo. After mustering up her courage, Kira finally approaches the alluring bombshell in a sexy black dress and high heels. It doesn't take long before the two beautiful ladies become comfortable with each other. As it turns out, Maddy's boyfriend is the guitarist of Kira's favorite band. Maddy invites Kira to the VIP section of the club so that she can introduce her to her favorite band later. Kira and Maddy just met, but there is already a strong lustful connection between them. Unable to control their passion any longer, the girls start making out and touching each other's bodies. Kira is quick to show off her round tits to her new friend. She then helps Maddy take off her dress to expose her perky tits with pierced nipples. Kira gives the tattooed hottie sensual foot worship before eating out her pussy. Maddy returns the pleasure by kissing Kira's feet and sucking her toes. The horny ladies excitedly take turns pleasing each other. They use their fingers and tongue to give each other a happy ending. Moans of delight fill the VIP room as Kira and Maddy continue their passionate lesbian sex. The intense pussy licking, fingering, and foot worship are more than enough to make both Maddy and Kira cum over and over again. After making sure that they both experience the body-shivering orgasm that they deserve, Maddy and Kira give each other a deep, passionate kiss. The night is only getting started, but Maddy and Kira feel like they have already experienced the pleasurable evening around each other's arms.

April 13, 2022




You get Kira Nori & put her in a lesbian scene. What a waste.

Nickey Milo

At this time she is not doing bg and we have had so many requests for her so shot what we could.


WOW Great scene Andrew, we need a LOVE HER LOVING HER site, Kira could be the Bill Bailey RIP of the site...until if and when that happens Please see if Kira will do the LOVEHERFILMS Rounds Keep Up The Great Work


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