Welcoming a new roommate is quite challenging because one has to get to know them and familiarize themselves to be able to get along, no matter how many times it happens. Avery Black, in her purple top and white skirt matched with chunky white heels, opens the front door to welcome Milan into their home. After exchanging pleasantries, she guides him outside to introduce him to her hot homeowner, Ember Snow, who looks ravishing in her spicy red outfit and clear heels. Milan, a foot massage therapist, shows his skills to the homeowner, who happens to love foot massages. As the handsome hunk impresses them with his skillful hands, Ember can’t help pressing her white-polished toenails against the man’s hard dick. Milan is reluctant at first but eventually gives in by smelling, feet worshiping, and sucking her tanned toes. The two gorgeous ladies proceed to give his long dick a sensual footjob before delivering a sloppy blowjob. He seems to enjoy the company of the tanned beauty and the tattooed hottie, an experience that some men could only dream of. They alternately suck the tip of his cock while letting their wrinkled toes stroke his shaft. The trio continues with their steamy foreplay, which includes shrimping and rimming. Avery and Ember take turns riding his cock in reverse cowgirl, letting their big tits bounce along to their eager movements. As the tattooed vixen rides his dick, the tanned beauty shoves her feet into the hunk’s mouth after he licks her throbbing hole. The hardcore threesome continues after the two ladies suck his balls and deliver a rimming. With Ember on top of Avery, Milan alternately fucks their pussies in missionary and doggystyle. The energetic stud ferociously pounds their shaved pussy, stretching their wet holes and making them moan louder and louder. Knowing how close he is to cumming, Ember and Avery stroke his dick with their delicate feet until he releases his creamy cum all over the soles and pedicured toes of their feet.

November 4, 2023




please get gaby ortega 🙏, beautiful feet and has teased foot stuff in other scenes and seems to enjoys it


This might be my favorite scene. Congrats all around! Could you guys get Skylar Vox or Kira Perez or possibly even both for a scene!


Great finish!


Put a gay label on videos of dudes getting their butts licked so straight dudes know which to avoid please. Was excellent until then.


Tooo Milance, u kosku sine Milane :)))). Tako je govorio tata jednog fuZbalera koji nam je lomio cevanice na utakmici :))


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