One of the best things about girls' night out is sharing stories about one's romantic and sexual relationships. Alyssa Bounty and Capri Lmonde have a sensual conversation while enjoying a glass of their favorite wine. The Latin, Capri, talks about her experience with a guy who has a foot fetish. She also shares with Alyssa about the amazing site she discovered called Capri can't help but feel naughty while talking about her foot fetish. As it turns out, Alyssa is also fascinated with sexy feet. After knowing that fact, Capri is quick to tease her beautiful friend in a red dress. The slim hottie in a black dress dips her fingers into the wine before running them along Alyssa's pale legs. Capri then takes off Alyssa's high heels and starts worshiping her feet. She licks her soles before sucking her toes. The naughty ladies take turns giving each other sensual foot worship. Their sweet moans of pleasure fill the room as they use one of their feet to rub each other's bald pussy. After enjoying the taste of Capri's feet, Alyssa eats out her friend's tight pussy. She uses her warm tongue to explore every nook and crannies of the Latin hottie's sweet coochie.  Capri returns the pleasure by doing the same thing to Alyssa. She alternately worships Alyssa's sexy feet and tasty pussy. The sensual lesbian action continues with Alyssa and Capri scissoring with each other. They rub their pussies together until they feel the orgasm they desire. Alyssa steps on Capri's hairless twat before sitting on her face. The night is still young, but Alyssa and Capri already feel that their day is complete. They successfully pleased and satisfied each other's sexual fantasy and foot fetish. The beautiful ladies bask in the aftermath of their sensual lesbian fun on the couch. Alyssa kisses and snuggles with Capri. She feels like they have developed a strong bond with each other through their foot fetish.

May 11, 2022



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