Looking innocent has plenty of advantages, and Emma Rosie decides to put it to the test. Enjoying a book and the outdoors, the slender blonde spots her friend’s brother, Milan, and hatches a naughty plan. Emma approaches, making small talk, and does not get deterred when the bespectacled hunk doesn’t give her a second glance. Sitting on the outdoor couch, she starts moving her body sensually while taking photos– spreading her legs wide and even positioning herself on all fours to display her firm ass and bare pedicured feet. Emma’s actions do not go unnoticed, but Milan continues to distract himself by reading. The naughty cutie tries a different strategy, teasing him about his sexual experience and making him flustered. Knowing she has him wrapped around her finger, Emma touches his hard cock with her hands then her feet, rubbing the clothed erection before stripping off her pink skirt and black one-piece. Milan plays with her pierced small tits and makes her turn around so he can give attention to her sweet asshole, giving her a rimming in the backyard. Sitting back on the couch, the petite hottie watches as the nerdy stud shows his true colors, worshiping her feet and fitting as much of it into his mouth. Emma presses her soles against his face before letting him strip so she can give him a passionate footjob, handjob, and blowjob. More than wet and horny, she moves her slender body and rides him in reverse cowgirl, moaning in delight when Milan holds onto her hips to take control and fucks his hard cock upwards. Emma’s long dirty toes curl in pleasure as she gets facefucked after, bending her body and holding onto her ankles then delivers a rimming to her needy lover as he jerks off. Wanting to see the sexy arches of her feet, he positions her in cowgirl and pounds into her shaved pussy relentlessly. They continue fucking in missionary while Emma presses her feet against Milan’s bearded face, egging him on as he shrimps her toes and licks the spaces in between. In doggystyle, he thrusts his thick cock into her wet hole and steps on her small face before pulling out, jerking off, receiving a footjob, and spilling his cum on her delectable wrinkled soles.

January 27, 2024




Great scene as always, can we have melody marks next. Thanks


Seems like her feet are not in a great shape :-/ and the polish makes them even worse


Fucking love her, perfect scene, we need her back asap doing another foot scene but with anal, I'm shocked this one wasn't anal


Nice cumshot, we need more footjob endings please.


Great ending. Could we have Kendra Sunderland or Kendra lust on here soon


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