Teasing takes more than just a luscious body and a pretty face. It needs that innate thirst for seduction, but Venera Maxima pulls it off effortlessly with her oozing sex appeal, huge tits, and delectable curves. This provocative blonde looks gorgeous in white lacy lingerie that hugs her suckable tits and highlights her natural curves. She is a definite stunner that could make any man be captivated by her. With her huge appetite for cock and irresistible lust, it would make a perfect combination for hot, steamy sex. Sitting seductively on top of a comfy green bed, any man would be enticed to penetrate her wildly. This alluring babe crosses her legs and gently caresses her smooth, long legs down to her dainty feet. A sight like this can turn every foot lover’s head her way. Venera starts by interlocking her fingers against her pinkish toes while looking extremely provocative, her lovely feet look gorgeous and tempting. The buxom blonde's sexy toes, decorated in shiny toe rings and painted with milky-pink nail polish, are perfect for sensual foot worship and shrimping. The veins in her feet look enticing enough to run a gentle lick across them. Venera proceeds to position herself in doggystyle, exposing her spankable ass, lickable toes, and shaved pussy. Venera Maxima’s raunchy personality shows how every movement of her toes can make any man hard and wanting for it. She lifts her legs and starts flaunting those wrinkled toes. Without a doubt, the busty goddess wants to feel a dick between those soft feet and inside her shaved pussy. The rings on her toes crave for a man to remove them with his warm mouth. As Venera proceeds to tease with her lickable feet, she can’t help but imagine a stud worshipping her foot, roughly fucking her, and receiving a coat of cum.

October 15, 2023




Shoe size 5.5 US at 5 ft 11? You must be joking

Andrew Youngman

Lol yes that was a typo. We fixed it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.


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