A tall woman has a lot of charm. Olivia Madison stands six feet, three inches, and is a lovely lady with a stunning figure. The brunette babe enters the house and greets Milan, who is waiting for her. The dashing stud welcomes his new roommate with a smile but then notices the white sneakers on the hottie's hand. When he claims them to be his, the tattooed lady immediately denies it. The confused guy looks at the pair of shoes that look exactly like his and argues that they should be his because they're too big for a girl. Olivia then tells the man that her feet measure 11 and a half inches and that it's not surprising because she's tall.

Milan wants Olivia to prove that the sneakers are hers. The inked babe has no problem with this and allows the man to check out her feet. Just then, the naughty stud suddenly smells her feet. The beauty is flustered at first but still finds Milan's foot fetish hot. The lucky guy asks the stunning woman's permission to take off her light beige high heels. He quickly takes action when the hottie gives her approval. Milan can't get enough of Olivia’s huge feet and starts sniffing her soles and slapping them on her face.

Olivia is delighted when Milan starts shrimping her toes, which are decorated with beige nail polish. The man licks the tattooed brunette's soles before letting her deliver a sensual footjob to his throbbing cock. Their erotic foreplay also includes a deep-throated blowjob. After that, the horny dude proceeds to fuck the beauty's trimmed pussy in missionary, spooning, doggystyle, pronebone, and standing. The height difference between the two is quite remarkable, which makes the scene even hotter. Milan guides Olivia to the kitchen counter and resumes pounding her in doggystyle until he's about to cum. He then pulls out and dumps his load on the hottie's sexy feet.

June 22, 2024




Thank you for the awesome scene Andrew!! Any chance we got casey calvert or valentina nappi on the sites? Valentina's feets and boobs are amazing! Thank you


This scene is the best one so far!!! A bunch of scenes with the Soles being the main view, thats what almost every scene should be!!!! This is Diamond 😍


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