Cosplaying is not just a hobby– it can also be a kink. Jewelz Blu is a cute babe wearing a blue and white sexy maid outfit and a cat's ear headband. The German beauty with big tits and round ass is also wearing a pair of stockings and blue platform high heels. She walks toward the house holding a picture of her anime idol, admiring his handsome face and even kissing it. Meanwhile, Xwife Karen is dressed in a provocative Harley Quinn cosplay with fishnet stockings and red high heels. The picture that the naughty Latina has is smashed on the ground ruthlessly—quite the opposite treatment from the one that Jewelz has. Karen walks into the room, only to see Jewelz still appreciating the photograph. That tattooed lady snatched it and stomped at it despite the blue-haired cutie's pleading. To coax the crying woman, Karen presents her with a toy flower that's wedged between her buttcheeks. Touched by the gesture, Jewelz forgives the inked hottie right away. They burn the picture together before going to bed. The sexy maid rests her head on the naughty Harly Quinn's lap while caressing her feet. She quickly forgets about the rough actions of the Latina earlier. Jewelz gets up and starts kissing and shrimping Karen's toes, painted in white nail polish, as a sign of her forgiveness. Jewelz plays with Karen's huge tits using the soles of her feet. The tattooed brunette, of course, doesn't want to lose to the German babe. She licks the blue-painted toes and lovely soles. Jewelz then rips Karen's fishnet stockings and proceeds to lick her shaved pussy. After that, the blue-haired hottie gets on top of the naughty Latina, and the couple fucks in scissors. The harmony of their moans makes the room extra steamy and erotic. Karen also delivers her tongue service with pussy licking and rimming. The couple uses their toes to please each other's holes. The explicit actions of thrusting their toes and shrimping repeat until both women reach orgasm.

May 15, 2024




Great scene! Perfect toe fucking


Please bring them both back for a threesome scene! Definitely need one for Karen! Gorgeous feet!


Andrew, do you have plans to do a scene with Sawyer cassidy? she's a must! absolutely beautiful woman and gorgeous feet.

Andrew Youngman

Yes she is hot! I'll try to get her


we definetely need more karen scenes!! please a bg scene for loveherfeet.


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