Gracefully walking towards their home with hands on each other's immaculate waists, the two hot babes exude an allure that neither one of them can't ignore. Inside their humble abode, Nelly Kent and Angie Lynx instantly lock lips, savoring the burning passion igniting in their sexy bodies. Moving over the couch, the sexy duo shows how much they love each other's stunningly delicate feet. The blonde vixen boosts the black-haired babe's confidence, giving her the sensual recognition she deserves that her man can't give. Removing her black strappy high heels, Angie looks at Nelly's feet with such pleasure in her tantalizing blue eyes.

With lust rushing through Angie's veins, her tongue slithers between Nelly's wiggling toes and takes a big whiff, loving the smell of the sweet vixen's stinky feet. Slowly and teasingly, the tattooed bombshell's tongue slides on her pinkish sole, enjoying the tangy taste dancing on her taste buds. Nelly decides to return the flavorful favor by reaching towards Angie's feet and removing her transparent high heels. The minx with big tits delivers a sensual shrimping, making the blue-eyed goddess let out soft moans. With their nasty imaginations running wild, the hot duo decides to turn up the notch.

Angie strips Nelly's yellow skimpy dress, leaving her black lacy thong, before using her foot to stimulate her covered clit. Siren-like moans fill the living room as the two-foot-loving goddesses engage in amorous foreplay of pussy-licking and nipple-sucking. Nelly and Angie continue to pleasure each other, worshipping their dainty feet and inserting their toes in their wet and clean-shaven pussies. After tasting each other's oozing juices coming from their wet cores, the two start to scissor, rubbing their aching clit together while exchanging breathy moans. Nelly and Angie indulge in climactic sex, licking and sucking each other's dainty feet while performing an intense clit-to-clit action until they reach their peak.

July 10, 2024




Yeah no thanks. I'm here for pretty toes


Nelly is the goat please more of her


Fantastic vid, do you reckon you could get Justine Jakobs for a scene with a French pedicure


The 2 hotties brought their A-Game! The passionate kissing, foot fucking & high energy was Hot AF! This Finnish nympho Angie, was awesome, great energy, enthusiasm for feet. More of her in B/G/G with Shalina Devine would be perfect


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