No one can ever defeat a sultry lady who is aching for mind-blowing feet worshipping and fucking from a wonderful man. With every part of Ivy Ireland's body, anyone will love to wish to have their hands on her, especially on her dainty feet. The ravenette babe loves to put in a lot of effort when it comes to seducing a partner into sharing a bed, confidently flaunting her pedicured feet and shaved pussy. To show what tricks she got up her sleeves, Ivy begins to use her sexy hands to glide up and down on her long legs. With a bewitching body underneath the colorful bikini, everyone will think that this little slut will make a man fall in love with her in no time. While Ivy’s wonderfully structured feet will make his dick go hard and crave for more of her sexual teasing. The tattoos on top of her dainty feet and the clean white nail polish on her toenails make them look even more appetizing. Ivy's pretty face displays excitement as she confidently flaunts her sexy feet. With the burning lust in the vixen's body, she begins to have more energy to show admiration for her feet. The bombastic slut uses her hands to give her dainty feet a sensual foot massage, giving them a few squeezes and moving her fingers in a circular motion. Expressing pure bliss from her movements, Ivy grabs her feet and brings them towards her plump lips. The tattooed babe uses her tongue to slide them along her toes, licking each one and giving them a good suck. After devouring her toes, she lays down while putting her feet up, showing her clean soles, sexy ankles, and long toes. Ivy's lust doesn't stop there, as she continues to rub her feet erotically and wiggle her toes in delight. The naughty darling grows hornier as she can no longer wait for a man who can ravish her feet with pure lust.

January 15, 2024




Wow, she's gorgeous. I think she's relatively new in the industry? Great addition to the site! Can't wait to see if there's some anal action in the final scene! 😬


Very sexy looking woman. Lovely long toes, would be great to see more oiled up feet in joi scenes if possible, also a footjob bukkake or foot fetish gangbang would be awesome too :-)


Her polish looks like a primer.... come on, this is a foot fetish site...


Definitely feelin the new close up self foot worship camera work! She’s hot and her toes are pretty!


What a fucking beauty, long slim toes and smooth milky toes. Got me rock hard


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