A beautiful woman sometimes wields power over men, and the oriental beauty Mizuki Ogata, is a fine example of that statement. The busty hottie's smile is enough to melt the hearts of many, while her irresistible charm and good looks are more than enough to lure in horny men into her web of pleasure. Mizuki is wearing black lacy lingerie, which complements her light complexion, making it stand out even more. Such a simple outfit can make her shine– how much more if she chooses to dress up in a fancier getup? That will definitely drive men who lay their eyes on her crazy. Mizuki Ogata shows off her sexy feet, which look perfect for delivering a sensual footjob. Her lovely toes with French-tipped pedicures are ideal for a lewd shrimping, while her wrinkled soles will be something men are going to find irresistible to lick. The arch of the oriental MILF's feet seems perfect to receive a footjob, and the sensation of firm skin sliding along the shaft makes the rest of her hotter. Imagine what it would be like for a hard cock thrusting along the gaps between her toes or between her soles clasped together. The naughty Asian introduces herself in the Japanese language. Although not a lot of people will understand Mizuki, it's obvious that she's saying lewd things that can make any man lose his self-control. Even talking in such a soft and sweet voice, tickling the ears of whoever cares to listen. This oriental hottie plays with her feet, imagining the pleasure of having a horny man lick her soles and give her lovely toes a sensual shrimping and worshiping. As if challenging men's patience, the naughty MILF starts licking her toes, then rubs her soles against each other as if showing how capable she is of making her lover cum during a footjob. After that, she strokes her sole against her pussy as erotic moans fall from her delectable lips.

September 3, 2023




Loving the Japanese women recently. Please continue with this. You may be on to something.


When is the release date?

Nickey Milo

Coming soon, stand by!


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