It is another sunny day at a California resort and April Olsen decides to step out and soak up some rays. After sauntering out to the poolside, she does not hesitate to strip down completely naked. She squirts a generous amount of oil on her big, beautifully shaped natural boobs…but little does she know, she has an audience. After she works the slippery substance into her beautiful round booty and soft skin, she then slides on her neon bikini bottom and takes her place topless on a lounge chair above the clear cool water of the pool. Sunglasses on, basking in the sun and feeling warm and sexy, she cannot help but caress her oiled, perfect tits and sexy tattooed body. The clear water beads as she drizzles it across her skin, she is absorbed in the moment. Dante calls out to her, startling her out of her sunbathing. She smiles as she covers up and heads over to him. After a call from April’s boyfriend, saying that he has been delayed, Dante admits that his girlfriend won’t arrive until tomorrow as well. The horny couple decides to get naughty and satisfy each other’s needs. Leaning over the bar, April kisses Dante deeply and they move over to a bed outside by the pool. Dante expertly handles her big natural tits and April instructs him to lick and suck them, and then to lick the sensitive skin underneath them. Dante slides off his jeans to reveal a big erection. April wastes no time in devouring his cock with her mouth, slurping with passion as he moans with pleasure. She then moves up, stroking his hard dick while he licks, sucks and bites her nipples more, biting them to make them hard. Precum is already starting to drip as she expertly strokes him, moaning and talking dirty to him, telling him exactly what pleases her. She loves what he does to her and makes sure he gets better access, pushing them both in front of his face as he sucks and bites her large boobs. She slides back down and greedily devours his throbbing member once again, pausing to tease it with her nipples, while he teases her wet pussy, sliding his fingers inside her wet vagina. She has him move to the side of the bed and gives him a sexy boobjob, toying with his hard, fat cock they both hold her tits as she slides them up and down, jacking him off with her boobs. With a smile, she gets down and licks Dante’s asshole, her expert rimming keeping him hard with desire for her. They trade dirty talk as she continues to jack him off and eat him out. Dante stops her and tells her to mount his face, so he can return the favor. She quickly complies, sliding off her bikini briefs and starts riding her face. He expertly eats her pussy while she moans with lust, then moves to give her a good rimjob as well. She plants her butthole right on his most for easy access, while he teases her pussy. Somehow he knows exactly what she wants and she loves every minute of it. She dismounts his face and he does not hesitate to take her wet cunt, her big naturals bouncing as he grabs her perfect ass. This does him in and he pulls out, hot sticky spunk exploding on her beautiful ass. This doesn’t stop these two horny nymphos and theft action continues. They switch to doggystyle, but April wants to change it up, and begs him to put it in her asshole. He slides in her tight hole and pumps her full of meat. April can’t get enough of her big stud as he roughly pounds her. Rising up and locking arms, she locks eyes with him and begs him for more. He pulls out and tells her to hold her ass open, so he can admire her gaping hole. But April needs more, she has him lay down and mounts him, plunging down hard, slamming into his hips as he thrusts back hard, stretching her out and impaling her with his hard member. She drives down on him as he fills her all the way up. She goes ass-to-mouth, sucking him off again and he goes back to plowing her deep as she loves every inch. He stands up and blows his load again, this time on her massive juggs.

November 9, 2021



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