Besties Savvy Suxx and Millie Morgan chat on the living room couch after their intimate session together while sipping on some glasses of white wine. They talk about which hues go best with their skin tones, with the short-haired blonde voicing out how she wants to pick out the perfect dress for an upcoming event. They get distracted once Milan, Millie's husband, comes home from a long day at work. The three of them chat some more, but the spouses can't seem to get their hands off each other. Savvy volunteers to head out, but the other two stop her, stating that she's more than welcome to join in on the fun. Milan compliments the curvy blonde on her pretty pedicured feet before putting his attention to his wife, who's playing with his cock. Savvy and Millie slid the soles against the stud's member, taking turns giving him a footjob and getting their toes shrimped and feet licked. The vixen in a red dress takes the initiative to give the first round of blowjobs and handjobs before watching the other babe do the same. The two ladies press their wrinkled soles against Milan's face before undressing. Millie rides her husband's cock in cowgirl as he continues to worship her best friend's dainty feet. Completely nude, Savvy sits on the back of the couch and moans as the slender hottie licks her trimmed pussy with passion. On their knees, the long-haired and tattooed delight alternately gets fucked in doggystyle while the bearded hunk does not forget to give their beautiful feet some love. After he pulls out, he thrusts into Millie's pussy in spoons as Savvy gives him a rimjob. Milan provides the girls a round of pussy licking before pounding into them in pile driver and missionary. The trio engages in footjobs, shrimping, ball-sucking, and rimjobs in between changing positions, highlighting the beauties' gorgeous pedicured feet. Millie and Savvy watch as he slides his cock between their feet until his fresh cum spills all over their soles and toes, which the latter cleans up with her mouth.

May 18, 2024




Hot hot hot scene Andrew content is getting better again coming up Gal Richie can't wait. Btw is it possible to get Kiara Lord in IR lhf scene she just did a lhb scene so i think its definitely possible get her please probably in mmf dp threesome she has done it before and i want to see it with her feet and please feet jewellery is must for her like in her old scene. And also the hot german milf Nadine Kerastas she definitely need a lhf debut she always make scenes in her anklets which are just too hot get her please. Please make it happen Andrew. I want to see just three scenes this year two above and one with Andi avalon that i requested just these three all with jewellery and ring.

Andrew Youngman

Sometimes wishes come true faster than you expect:) Kiara Lord is coming up in an IR scene very soon. I'll look into the rest of your requests. Andi Avalon is booked for us in the coming weeks😉




Gorgeous 😍


Beautiful feet! Always waiting for the Friday Foot Fetish video and this one was great. Hope to see Savvy in more Foot Fetish videos!


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