My daughter is engaged! She and her fiancé have been living with us and will continue to do so until they are married. Before my husband and I give our daughter away, I wanted to be certain about my future son-in-law’s fidelity. So I decided to test him. During our chat the other day, I noticed he looks at my feet a lot. Just like he always has. I asked him if he truly loves my daughter; but while teasing him with my gorgeous feet. Though he said yes, his eyes were so obviously glued to my sexy feet. I started to wiggle my bare feet and pink pedicured toes in front of his face and when he almost began drooling, I put my foot in his lap and felt a huge bulge. He tried to resist but once my bare smelly feet were under his nose, he asked if he can kiss them. I said yes on the condition that he cancels the wedding to my daughter. The temptation from a foot fetish tease was too great and he agreed. I thought I might just be an overly protective mom, so in return for giving up my daughter, I gave him a slutty foot job he’ll never forget. Once I got his hard cock in between my bare feet, I needed to feel it inside my mouth and down my throat. My slutty mylf pussy couldn’t take it anymore and needed to have his big cock throbbing inside me. He fucked me so good while worshipping my sexy feet. Cum on feet, like he did on mine, is really the only way to forget about he forgot about my daughter...

August 30, 2019



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